The family built a house from shipping containers and started living debt-free

Jamie and David were born, raised and raised their three children in Vancouver before moving to an apartment in Calama, Washington.

So they became another family that decided to chase the American dream. The frantic pursuit of success did not stop for a second – work, mortgages, bills, etc. day after day and month after month. Unfortunately, this is how many Americans live today. The most curious thing in their story is that in 2017 the couple decided to get out of the routine and radically change their lives by building their own house – and with their own hands. They realized their dream

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Soon, the ambitious project became their lifelong goal. The couple decided to build a new house from old shipping containers, mainly because of the cheapness of these “building materials”. They designed and built themselves, hoping the project would eventually help them get out of debt and start living independently – and, of course, becoming a source of pride.

The design turned out to be quite simple, but very elegant – a 12-meter cargo container at the bottom, and above – a 6-meter one, so the second floor turned out to be a nice little covered gallery with a railing .

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Jamie and David’s unique project continues to inspire people around the world. I wonder if they will have a lot of followers? Take a closer look at the couple’s ambitious project and don’t forget to send the link to the article to your friends and family – who knows, maybe Jamie and David’s example will inspire one. ‘them too !

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