A 77-year-old woman has been carrying her paralyzed son on her back for 59 years

Olga Boskovic, who lives in the village of Mushich, is not only a wonderful woman, but also a very strong one. This woman is 77 years old. Her son is paralyzed. She has been carrying her son on her back for over 59 years.

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When Olga found out she was pregnant, her husband left them. The woman was left alone. When her son was born, it turned out that he would be disabled for the rest of his

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The woman took care and brought up her son, she even took him to school.

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The years passed, the boy grew up. She makes beautiful wooden sculptures at home and presents them to young children.

The woman was offered a wheelchair for the boy, but he refused. She continues to carry the boy on her back. The woman deserves praise.

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