A couple has transformed an old school bus into a “cedar cottage” almost indistinguishable from a regular home.

What ideas can come to the mind of modern people? People can make houses out of bottles, boxes and sticks.

This couple lives in the United States. They bought the old school bus and turned it into a beautiful house. The total living area of ​​the house is 8 square meters, however it is very beautiful and many people are jealous of this couple for having such a house.

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The house is also of great interest to people.
Jeremy և The Mira Thompsons bought a small car for the first time and turned it into a house. The total area of ​​​​this car was 3 square meters. They went to different places in this car.

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They liked the idea, so they decided to buy a bigger bus and turn it into a house.
The couple decided to stop the bus on the shore of the lake, as they intended to live in this house permanently. The couple didn’t have enough money to build a house, so they sold what they had. They started working day and night. Having accumulated enough money, the couple began repair work.

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The wife started designing the interior of the house and the husband started designing the exterior. The exterior of the bus is covered with tiles.

To save money, the couple started using mostly natural materials. They found an old door and fixed it, after which it got a new look.

There is a refrigerator inside the house, which has also been renovated. The couple found the old seats in the car, which were also repaired and moved to an apartment.

The look of the bus has completely changed except for the seat and the engine. It is also for moving the house.

The couple had a baby, for whom they also prepared a room. We present to you the photos of their magnificent house․

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