Together with my husband, we built a wonderful fence for flower beds from plastic boxes, which is admirable

Build an original fence with flower beds that will look simply stunning!

It will take a lot of time, but the result fully justifies the effort.

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For plastic boxes, cut the walls leaving only one. Tie them together with zip ties. For a few extra drawers, cut the bottom, not the sides. Secure the bottom with a second row of ties.

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After making a cement mortar, apply it to the base of the future fence, and then to the walls. Tip: To prevent the mortar from falling through the holes, lay a foam sheet on the back when applying the cement.

And the boxes with the bottom cut out, fasten 3-4 together and also cover with cement mortar.

> >

Let it dry for a day or two.

Then lightly clean the surface, moisten with water from a spray bottle and apply another coat of leveling solution to the rough coat.

With a spatula or a knife, if desired, make an interesting shape: for example, under a stone or a tree. Leave until completely dry.

Then apply the impregnation, then paint. After drying, varnish the finished fence.

It just looks lovely! This is a fence with flower beds in which you can plant your favorite flowers.

For more information on how to make a fence from plastic boxes, watch the video below:

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