5-Year-Old Girl Performs a 40-Year-Old Classic Song and Conquers Simon

In 2018, on America’s Got Talent, a little girl named Sophie Fatu hit the judges in the heart with her first number, making them scream with joy, and the video of her performance went viral on the Internet! In this popular video, Fatu performs Frank Sinatra’s hit My Way.

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As little Sophie took the stage in a pink outfit and gave an emotional wave to the judges and audience, everyone melted in her delightful voice. Not a single person there was prepared for Sophie’s kindness – even Simon Cowell, the notorious stern judge, burst out laughing as she entered.

But when Sophie Fatu started singing, she exceeded all expectations.

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The girl started her performance with a powerful performance of Frank Sinatra’s hit My Way. She raised her hands in the air, gesturing in accordance with the lyrics of the song – she performed as if she were much older than her age. The audience roared and applauded the young singer, while the judges sat with their mouths hanging open in disbelief. Sophie Fatou takes notes like a true professional and behaves on stage like an opera singer. No one thought a girl her age could do something so amazing

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