A girl dared to sing one of the heaviest songs in the world. A Couple of Notes And The Judges Jumped From Their Seats.

He is just eleven years old. A few notes – and the judges just jumped out of their seats! Eleven-year-old Serena from Pisa stood on the stage of the Next Star talent show. The lights began to turn on, reminiscent of rain. The audience confused, waiting.

From the very first notes of his voice, the judges realized that an artist was standing in front of them. After the speech, they stood up and began to applaud. The audience fully supported them. “Bravo” shouts were constantly heard from the hall. Screenings of many talents have always been in special demand and have been highly regarded by TV viewers and all over the world.

After all, with their help you have the opportunity to be joyful, relax and just enjoy the performances of very talented and fantastic people. And people who have special skills in a certain field of art, can gain a great reputation, recognition and a typical artist way all over the world.

Participation in the talent show can be considered a lucky and guaranteed ticket, which promises a wide chance of a good life. Sometimes there are people on the stage of such programs who really surprise not only the audience with their talent, but also the experienced members of the jury.

Some professionals have never seen or heard of such a thing in their entire career. And all this refers to the charming girl of Serena Rigaci from Pisa. The world first heard about her when the young singer was just eleven years old. He appeared in one of the shows on “Next Star”, which was quite famous at the time. And that decided his future destiny in music.

Serena was very confident and calm on stage, she had a special stage posture, even when the judges started applauding her and all those present could not hold back their tears. If you want to enjoy the wonderful and emotional performance of this talented girl, rather watch the video below.

It only took two words in the hit song for the young man to make his first impression on the judges and the audience, of course, it was goodly. Everyone in the room just blew, and this was just the beginning. The judges immediately jumped to their feet as soon as he began to slash the words of the girl with such practical talent, and the audience kept shouting Serena’s name, but master for mastery.

The combination of young and novice talent and skilled experts, as well as the genuine dedication to capturing the emotions of the song, were all caught on camera by the Next Star staff. The audience was shown standing up, even before Houston’s very hard key change, which included “I would always love you.” The main change was that his impeccable devotion was another testament to his skill, such as the calmness and self-control of the judges and listeners, who only applauded loudly, and some of them could not even hold back their tears and cried.

See and see for yourself how this young and talented star in making won the hearts of his judges and the audience with just one song, and just imagine what the future holds for Serena Rigaci.

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