Mains folles : d’autres constructeurs ont moulé une luxueuse villa avec des piscines en argile

For more than three years, two Thai friends have been impressing people all over the world with their mind-blowing skills in building and architecture. They create stunningly beautiful homes using clay, bamboo, and water instead of conventional bricks or wood.

Thai people share their creations, as well as the process of creating them, on a YouTube channel called Primitive Survival. Currently, there are a hundred videos on the channel with a variety of houses that look like bright fairy-tale palaces.

One of the latest masterpieces of clay masters is a luxurious two-storey villa with swimming pools, one of which is located on the roof. And for fans of extreme sports, the Thais have installed water slides, where you can descend to the second pool of a much larger size, writes Inspiremore.

The Primitive Survival channel currently has one and a half million subscribers, and the videos still garner hundreds of thousands of admiring likes and comments.

“The talent of these guys surprises me more and more every day!”
“Wonderful! And somebody can’t even make a cup out of clay.
“God, how much energy, time and creativity has gone into this! Surprising!”
“Such hard work, but such an amazing result.”

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