Comfortable 30 m². meters, which can be built in just 7 hours

With the reduction of free space for development, the popularity of compact houses is increasing. Estonian architects came up with a tiny house of just 30.3 square meters that can be fully assembled in just 7 hours.

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Архитекторский проект эстонской компании Kodasema.

The Estonian company Kodasema is engaged in the design and construction of micro-buildings. This time, the developers presented a dwelling called Koda, which can be assembled in just 7 hours and, if necessary, just as quickly disassembled and moved to another place.

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Микро-дом Koda площадью всего 30,3 кв. метров.

The area of ​​​​the mini-house is 30.3 square meters. The main building materials are concrete and glass. The house is built very quickly thanks to the prefabricated sections. The foundation of the tiny house is not necessary. Double-glazed windows are installed at four chambers to provide effective sound and heat insulation.

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План дома Koda.

According to the plan, the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom are located on the ground floor. Above is a bed and a washing machine.

План дома Koda.

The architects claim that their development is quite suitable not only as a model residential building, but also as a cafe, office or workshop. All furniture and interior items are included with the house.

Koda - компактный сборный домик.

The tiny house is expected to go on sale en masse next year.

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