Un Italien a construit une maison qui permet à une personne de faire partie d’une famille d’abeilles

To properly celebrate World Bee Day on May 20, Italian beekeeper Rocco Filomeno recently began renting out a completely unique home that allows a person to become part of a family of hard-working honeybees.

An unusual house, located on an olive farm near the picturesque village of Grottole, in southern Italy, was designed by the artist and architect Davide Tagliabu. And the main feature of this housing is that it is built around a giant hive, which is home to more than a million bees.

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Необычный дом, расположен на оливковой ферме, недалеко от живописной деревни Гроттоле на юге Италии.

The house with bees is made of spruce and birch, and there are almost no amenities inside, but there is a special window on the ceiling through which you can watch how the bees work. In addition to the fact that the tenants of this housing will be able to constantly see a swarm of insects in front of them, they will continuously hear their buzzing and feel the specific, but pleasant smell of the hive, similar to a mixture of honey, lemon and flowering plants, writes Odditycentral.

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Специальное окошко, через которое можно наблюдать за пчелами.

During your stay at the bee cottage, guests can enjoy a breakfast of ricotta, strawberries, homemade biscuits and, of course, fresh honey. Would you like to stay overnight in a house with a million relentlessly buzzing bees?

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