Gordon Pembridge is an original artist who is inspired by the beauty of nature. He was born in Kenya and spent most of his life in New Zealand. Today, he creates carved wooden vases representing the fauna and flora of these distant lands.

Decor inspired by Kenyan landscapes

Filigree work by Gordon Pembridge

Gordon creates refined and filigree vases using a lathe, after which he works the details. It turns out “lace” compositions and it is hard to believe that all this is carved from wood. Gordon draws decor patterns in the beauty of nature. The collection includes images of birds and animals against the backdrop of charming landscapes. The master captured romantic sunrises and sunsets.

Carved wooden vases by Gordon Pembridge

Gordon is a versatile performer. In addition to sculpture, he enjoys photography, graphic design, painting and engraving. Whatever forms the maestro experiments with, his love for nature remains unchanged.

beautiful meerkat

Landscape with an elephant at sunset

The finest butterfly wings and fern leaves

Carved wooden vases by Gordon Pembridge

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