The most beautiful girl in the world: who is she?

For every parent, their child is the most beautiful. But there are world rankings that name children with a perfect appearance. The British edition of the Daily Mail regularly determines the most beautiful girl in the world among young models. Since 2019, the title of the most beautiful belongs to a girl from Russia. The most beautiful girl in the world Who is the most beautiful girl in the world? Today, the Russian Alina Yakupova is considered as such. The girl received the title of the authoritative British edition of the Daily Mail in 2019. What does the most beautiful girl in the world look like? Six-year-old Alina is compared with Thylane Blondeau, who received such a title. She naturally has a unique appearance. She has symmetrical facial proportions, blonde hair, and expressive gray eyes. The young model, who continues to amaze the world with her blonde curls and beaming smile, has graced the glossy pages of iconic fashion magazines.

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Besides fans, there are enough haters on the internet. They argue that the modeling industry is no place for little kids and that Alina’s mother stole her childhood for profit. The girl’s mother denies this. She argues that Alina herself is delighted with the work, and the expenses are spent for the benefit of the child, including toys. What do we know about the most beautiful girl in the world? Alina was born in 2013 in Moscow. He has been involved in filming since the age of four. From an early age, the young model made a name for herself. She has participated in advertising campaigns for several global brands of children’s clothing. Alina has also modeled in children’s fashion shows in Italy. From childhood, Alina had her own manager, who promoted the girl in the modeling business. He notes that success came to Alina not only thanks to her angelic appearance, but also due to her great diligence, perseverance and determination. Alina is not able to endure many hours of photoshoot and preparation.

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Almost 70,000 people have subscribed to the girl’s Instagram. After posting about him in the Daily Mail, the number of subscribers increased by 6,000 within hours. Her account is maintained by her mother, who not only posts photos of her daughter at photo shoots, but also talks about child modeling, revealing some secrets of the model’s “kitchen”. Each photo garners several thousand admiring comments from fans who celebrate the unique appearance of the little princess. The most beautiful girls in the world: top 5 The title of the most beautiful girl in the world from the Daily Mail is a good start for a modeling career. Today, former title holders have become famous models. Anastasia Knyazeva The winner of the title of the most beautiful girl in 2017 Anastasia Knyazeva was born in Moscow on July 1, 2011. She received the title from the newspaper when she was six years old. The promotion of the girl was facilitated by her mother, who posted a photo of the child on the social network. Anastasia started her modeling career at the age of 2.5, starring in commercials.

From the age of 4, the young girl regularly participated in filming and even became the face of several brands. In December 2017, the Daily Mail awarded her the title of the most beautiful girl in the world, comparing her to Thylane Blondeau. The title surprised the girl and her mother. This title caused a strong reaction in the press, the puppet appearance of the girl was noted. From that moment, Anastasia’s career grew rapidly. She became a TV presenter on a children’s TV channel, regularly gives interviews on TV, advertised children’s clothing brands. In 2020, Anastasia received the TEFI-KIDS award as the best host of a children’s television program. Ira Brown Ira Brown is another defending champion. The girl looked like a doll. She was born in 2009, and already at the age of two she took part in the first photo shoot. At first, the girl liked her new image. However, to make her look more Barbie-like, Ira’s mom bleached her hair and put a lot of makeup on her face.

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Le rythme de travail constant, le tournage et la nécessité de porter des cosmétiques ont fatigué l’enfant. La presse a admiré l’apparence du bébé, mais a blâmé ses parents pour l’enfance volée d’Ira. Maintenant, la jeune fille a abandonné le secteur du mannequinat et son apparence est devenue loin de ressembler à une poupée. Thylane Blondeau Thylane Lina Rose Blondeau est une actrice et mannequin française. Elle est née à Aix-en-Provence (France) le 5 avril 2001 dans la famille d’un créateur de mode pour enfants et footballeur professionnel. Elle a commencé sa carrière de mannequin à l’âge de 4 ans, à l’âge de 10 ans, elle jouait déjà dans Vogue.

Aujourd’hui, Thylane est le visage de nombreuses marques mondiales et le visage de magazines de mode. Thylane est la jeune mannequin la mieux payée à ce jour. En 2014, la jeune fille a reçu le rôle de Gabrielle dans le film Belle & Sebastian : L’aventure continue (2015). Kristina Pimenova Kristina Pimenova est une mannequin et actrice russe. Né en 2005 à Moscou dans la famille d’un footballeur de l’équipe nationale russe. La jeune fille est dans le secteur du mannequinat depuis 2009. Sa carrière a commencé par une photographie envoyée par sa mère à une agence de mannequins pour enfants.

Christina est devenue le visage de plusieurs marques et, à l’âge de 10 ans, elle a déménagé pour vivre en Californie. Elle collabore avec une grande agence de mannequins, a joué dans plusieurs films. En 2014, le Daily Mail a déclaré Christina la plus belle fille du monde. Anastasia Bezrukova Anastasia Bezrukova est une mannequin et actrice russe. Né en 2004 à Moscou. À l’âge de dix ans, elle était l’un des modèles pour enfants les plus recherchés en Europe. Elle est apparue sur la couverture de Vogue et était le visage de plusieurs marques bien connues. Elle a joué dans plusieurs films, sur la même plateforme qu’elle a joué avec son homonyme Sergei Bezrukov.

Le titre de la plus belle fille est avant tout une évaluation du mérite dans le secteur du mannequinat pour enfants. Les plus beaux jeunes mannequins reçoivent un billet pour le monde du mannequinat. Cependant, il est important que les filles aiment les séances photo et les tournages, et non leurs parents.

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