An American bought a house to sell later, but changed his mind. In the backyard, he found a very interesting surprise.

Buying a finished home that someone has lived in has its advantages. It is not only cheaper, but also an opportunity to find surprises from the previous owner in the building or in the territory.

The American John Reynolds discovered in his house in Texas the “hello” from a former tenant.

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Heavy rain revealed that the secret was hidden under a pile of rubbish in the garden, and John fell in love with this house thanks to his unexpected discovery!

A man bought a house to sell later, but changed his mind when he discovered a surprise inside.

American John Reynolds bought a dilapidated three-room house and decided to sell it later: it stood empty for a year after the death of the previous owner, who littered his house for 20 years. While the owner was away, stray cats moved into the house, and soon the yard was overgrown with weeds.

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The man decided to repair the house himself first and leave everything else for later. The garden was always swampy and often filled with water, but John didn’t care.

One day, after bad weather, a neighbor called him. The man asked John if he had seen the condition of his pool. John replied: “I don’t know what you mean, I don’t have a swimming pool.” And he said, “No, there is.”

It turned out that there was a water reservoir in the territory, but it was just cleverly hidden. John remembered seeing the edge of the tile in the garden before, but he thought it referred to the yard or the flowerbeds. However, after heavy rain, the pool filled with water and everything became clear.

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John thought if he lived here or sold the house, he couldn’t leave that water tank empty. The man set about cleaning and repairing the artificial reservoir. When the walls and floor were uncovered during cleaning, John expected to find cracks in them. But no, the pool was in good condition.

The repair and restoration of the hydraulic structure took 11 months and cost just over 745,000 rubles. However, according to John, the cost of building a new artificial recreational pond would cost about 12 million rubles.

Having a pool has raised the price of the house, but John doesn’t want to sell it.

While renovating, John fell in love with this small man-made lake on his property and now swims there every day with his friends. The man admits there is no greater value in court.

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