Son took his mother’s hand when the favorite song began to play now watch the dance that conquered the internet by storm

It is not uncommon for us to have problems with sleep, but we need to cope with them.Someone reads, someone listens to music, and someone takes special pills, if everything is much more complicated.

Zee Lance started dancing with his mother Lucy as soon as he started walking. He definitely conveyed his love of dancing through music. They chose dancing to cope with insomnia and it’s definitely a good idea.

In this video you can see their unique dance that was supposed to help and quickly fall asleep.

Son of the “Dear husband” Meghan Trainor started dancing, and Lance, who is now a father of two, was ready to grab his cute mom and start dancing with her.

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They danced amazing! Lance’s daughter clapped her hands from the side, while the rest of the family took pictures of this sweet and memorable moment.

Their dance and their mood in general are transmitted even here .Not only do they dance wonderfully, but the expression on their faces makes them so funny.

In the middle of the song, Lucy turned to the camera and said that this is exactly what happened to people who couldn’t sleep in Louisiana.

The video became popular as soon as it appeared on the Internet.Obviously, Lucy is happy to dance with her son, and Lance is very happy to work with him.

At the end of the dance, Lucy says something that makes the whole family burst out laughing, and Lance ends up on the floor because he couldn’t stop laughing. They spend a great time together.

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