Top 10 ‘Got Talent’ singers that blew the judges away

The top ten most unforgettable auditions of the “Got Talent” series feature incredible singers who amaze the judges and the audience! They show the judges and the audience the power of pure talent.

First on the list comes Calum Scott. After his participation in the audition, he became an international star from a simple singer.In the first verse of the song, everything changed, and Calum became a star. The crowd cheered him on, and Calum’s mother cried with happiness.The audience lap standing up, and Simon Cowell nods his head approvingly.

In the next clip, a young man performs Josh Turner’s song “You Man”. The judges are shocked by the low country voice of this contestant. After the first line of the song, the audience gets up from the surprise of such an amazing voice. You can see the judges saying ‘Wow’ to each other throughout the performance.

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28-year-old Alice Fredenham works as a cosmetologist. She sang the jazz standard ‘My Funny Valentine’ almost motionless. Simon nods slightly as she continues, and the other judges smile at her. Her soulful sound is stunning, and Simon actually leads the standing ovation.

The next clip features a young Jack Oidgen. He’s still in school.He sings with power and excellent vibrato, and the judges are shocked from the first note. Obviously, the audience really liked him when he performed a fantastic version of Whitney Houston’s song “I have Nothing”.

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Asanda Jezel is the next amazing performer, who is only 11 years old. The next singer is only 11 years old.Asanda Jezel starts singing ‘Shine Bright like a Diamond’ with dance moves. The judge posed for her standing up, and the weight of the hall too!

These clips are really 10 amazing auditions from the TV show ‘Got Talent’. These talented people remind us all that you can never judge a book by its cover!

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