80-year-old grandma surpassed even makeup artists – in one week her video had a million views

The natural is wonderful. However, there is nothing shameful in correctly emphasizing the virtues that nature has given us. Cosmetics and the ability to use them correctly help women in this.

Despite her venerable age, this 80-year-old lady knows how to present herself properly. She paints better than many experienced makeup artists, and now you’ll see for yourself

> >

After this video appeared on the net, the woman became a real Internet star. The video with her participation in just a week scored a million views.

First of all, our heroine cleanses the skin – without it, nowhere. Then she applies a primer, then a foundation and fixes the result with a colorless powder to give it a matte finish.

> >

Then she outlines the lips with a pencil and fills it all in with lipstick.

Now the eyebrows.

> >

A little shadow for the eyelids and where without arrows? Look how smooth it is!

A few things and improvements and our image is ready. It remains to put on a wig, pick up an outfit and jewelry. Ready!

Of course, this lady, even without makeup, looks very dignified for her age. But upon reincarnating, she seems to be blossoming, and it’s hard for others to believe that this confident and majestic woman is already 80 years old!

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