Here you can wait for the bus indefinitely: what does the most comfortable stop in the world look like?

The most comfortable stop is in the English village of Wolkhampton (Devon). It’s so comfy and cute that it rightfully earned the title of “the most comfortable stop in the world.”

Nobody knows how it appeared, just an unknown enthusiast gradually improved the old stop, and as a result, its interior was updated so much that locals simply did not recognize it. An armchair with cushions and potted plants appeared there, and paintings and other decorative objects settled on the walls. Even a detail such as a flyer with a flight schedule was carefully framed.

And the mysterious creator always decorates the stop for the holidays.

For example, on St. Valentine’s Day the stop was decorated with red roses and hearts, candlesticks, and a small wicker basket filled with chocolates.

Now this stop is known to the whole world and the inhabitants of the village of Walkhampton bring a lot of positive and joy.

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