The little girl has become popular because she dresses like a big girl.

Maya Basol from Turkey will soon be only nine years old, but she is already frequently invited to shows (as a model), maintains her Instagram account, gains thousands of likes, and all because she simply likes to dress up, and she doesn’t choose any clothes at all.

The baby has had the right features since birth and her mother decided that she would showcase her beauty and instill a sense of style in her from an early age.

Social media users couldn’t help but pay attention to this beauty. Currently, more than 250,000 people have subscribed to his page. In addition, she and her father maintain a blog on YouTube, cooking topics.

Now Maya is very fond of taking swimming and singing lessons. But alas, there is no free time for games, his schedule is scheduled on time.

For the holidays, as gifts, the model orders new clothes. The girl is always dressed stylish and fashionable, whether she goes to school, to the show or to the store with her mother.

Turkish fashion houses invite her to participate in events where she causes a sensation.Of course, not everyone shares such success at such a young age. There are people who believe that children still need childhood.

Whether this is correct or not is not for us to judge, time will tell. The photographs show that the girl is happy and loves what she is doing, but isn’t that the most important thing?

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