The student wanted to leave his parents and built himself a small chalet on wheels

When our children grow up, they aspire to independence: they do their own shopping, go on vacation and prefer to live separately. But such is the truth of life that not everyone can afford the last pleasure. In Great Britain it is also difficult, there are very expensive accommodations.

A 17-year-old student is sure that if you are smart, you can build a house yourself and invest less money in it. And you know, he did.

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When the guy finished his studies, he went to study and always wanted to have his own accommodation, but in Britain, even an ordinary student cannot afford to rent a room. While studying the information, he came across materials where Australian students built a motorhome. The young man was so inspired by all this that he himself decided to carry out such a project.

It turned out that there are many similar instructions on the Internet.

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The frame was taken from an old trailer and recycled and upcycled materials were used for the rest of the structure. Once Tom did an internship in construction, the knowledge gained has served him well now. He managed to easily design the interior space of the chalet.

And another huge benefit of a part-time construction job was that he could pick up waste absolutely free. The guy made the interior from old boards, which he re-sanded.

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This small house has two levels. The first is a living room with a comfortable sofa and a multimedia system, a small kitchen, the furniture for which the guy partially made himself, a shower and a toilet.

Thanks to the glass doors and a large window, the house turned out to be very bright and visually spacious.

On the second floor is a bedroom with a skylight.

To create such a cottage on wheels, Tom took three years, and he spent about $8,000. The student was satisfied with the result, he got what he wanted – personal housing with an equipped recreation area in front of him.

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