Sweet Little Girl Sings Annie Musical Tomorrow on Israel’s Got Talent

Look at what an interesting and funny incident happened with the singing little girl “Tomorrow” from Israel’s Got Talent with her younger sister ran to say hello. A pleasant moment came in 2018 and the judges melted.

Young singer Laia Ellis took to the stage to sing the classic song of the musical “Annie”. Her beautiful voice made the judges smile, and his family proudly watched him from the stage. Delighted with his daughter.

Lai’s younger sister could be seen smiling from the stage throughout the performance. When the song ended, three judges and the audience applauded.

She ran to Leia and hugged her until the audience applauded and spoke reverently. You want to kill us – one of the judges asked, meaning how delightful this moment was.

Shy Singer Sings A Beautiful Song From The Musical Annie / Kids Got Talent

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