A 14-year-old boy built a house for his little sister with his own hands

Mark Williams, a resident of the English town, recently posted a post on his Facebook page, which spoke about how proud he was of his 14-year-old son. But the thing is, Bradley (that’s the boy’s name) himself built a playhouse for his sister. And with this he coped in a week, without outside help.

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Previously, Bradley spent all his time playing computer games, but his father figured out how to distract his son.

Since the boy loved to tinker, build and was even going to enter a construction school, he asked him to fulfill the dream of his sister, who had long wanted to have a small house or a gazebo.

The result is awesome! Bradley independently developed the plan and did all the work.

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A week later, 7-year-old Ellie Mae had her own home.

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And Bradley himself was so carried away with this work that he wanted to build a summer bar in the yard for his father.

After Mark’s message was published on the web, the boy from all over the world began to write and offer work. But he is in no rush to undertake it, as he wants to go to university first and improve his skills and knowledge.

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