Claire Charms Internet Singing “Can’t Help Falling In Love” And Is Now Going Viral

You can’t deny that this six-year-old is very beautiful. It is at this age that children begin to show their individuality and explore their interests. Claire Crosby is definitely one of those kids.

Claire is no stranger to the scene. Even at this young age, she already sings and plays the ukulele. Performing is clearly her calling life. She even creates precious videos showcasing her talent. She even creates high-quality videos that show her talent. Claire is always eager to share her talent around the world.

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Not only can she sing, but Claire also shows a gift for public speaking. Her cheerful personality is evident when she introduces herself. The song that Claire chooses to perform in this video is the classic Elvis Presley song “I can’t Help but love”.

Claire sang her favorite song and she sang it in her own way, then started playing guitar. It’s not easy to take a song that millions of people around the world know and change it in your own way. No wonder this video went viral.

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