Fairy Valleys – a very romantic and fabulous place in Romania

Most often, when visiting Romania, tourists go to Transylvania, because almost everyone knows or has heard of the mysterious Count Dracula.

But today at laykni.com we are going to tell you about a very beautiful place that also deserves attention. This place is called “Fairy Valley Clay Castle” and a simple glance is enough to fall in love with it and dream of visiting it.

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It is not a real castle, but an eco-hotel, which is built only from natural materials: clay, wood, sand and straw. It is located in the Valley of the Fairies in the village of Porumbasu de Sus, it is quiet here, there is no noise of civilization, only mountains, forests and fresh air are nearby.

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The exterior of the hotel with fabulous sloping roofs and massive wooden doors fits very harmoniously into these landscapes, the hotel seems to complement them.

The creators of the “Clay Castle” are a married couple, indeed, they had dreamed of such a hotel for a very long time and at some point they still decided to make their dream come true.

This cozy establishment consists of only ten rooms, each with its own entrance, be sure to have a fireplace and everything you need to stay. The hotel also has its own restaurant, where visitors are fed exclusively with natural products and healthy dishes.

A truly fabulous place. Would you like to visit here, or maybe you have already visited? Share your impressions in the comments!’

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