From Izhevsk to Nigeria: a Russian girl married an African prince. This is what their babies look like

Natalia Yisa is a happy wife, mother and successful blogger. The fate of this ordinary Russian girl will certainly surprise you.

While still a student, she met a guy from Nigeria, with whom they studied at the same university. Then they just said hello to each other when they met and barely communicated. But after 4 years, fate decided to bring them together.

A restrained, well-behaved guy won the girl’s heart, and over time, their feelings were far from friendly. A week later, Jacob proposed to Natalia.

When the girl decided to introduce Jacob to her parents, they did not react very positively, they still hoped that the couple would break up.

And Jacob told his mother about his beloved, who flew to Russia to meet her future daughter-in-law. Surprisingly, they very quickly found a common language with Natalia, and the woman realized that there really was love between the young people. She blessed the couple.

Later, Natalia’s parents also realized that her daughter and this guy were connected by true love, they also took a closer look at Jacob and appreciated his upbringing, gallantry, scholarship and intelligence.

All that remained was to present the girl’s chosen one to the grandparents.

But to everyone’s surprise, the older generation reacted very well to such a son-in-law. They quickly found a common language with him. Grandmother was fascinated by his upbringing, intelligence and respectful attitude, and Grandfather appreciated finding someone to talk to on any subject.

Then there was a wedding. First, they walked around Russia, observing all the rules and traditions, so that Natalya’s parents saw their daughter as a bride.

Young people approached the celebration responsibly. They chose unusual rings: Natalia has a ring in the shape of Africa, Jacob has a ring in the shape of Russia. Rings are traditionally worn on the other’s right hand.

A few months later, the wedding took place in Nigeria, where all European traditions were observed. There were several bridesmaids and several groomsmen. The celebration was very elegant and bright.

The couple wore rings on their left hands. Now they wear rings like this: Natasha, according to our tradition, on the right, her husband, according to the tradition of his country, on the left. Here is such a compromise.

It so happened that in Russia, Jacob would not have built a successful career for himself, while in his homeland he was the heir to the throne, in his family very respected people for their country. True prince.

Natalya decided to go with her husband and left her homeland. Jacob’s family accepted the girl and tried to help her get used to the new country and traditions.

Soon a replenishment occurred in the family – the son of Jago-Max was born. According to the laws of Nigeria, its citizens do not have middle names, only double names.

Nigerian children visit the garden at the age of 2, learn to read and help around the house. And parents help children become more independent.

The fact that her chosen one is the heir of a whole dynasty, Natasha found out only after the wedding. It was important for the guy to be liked for his qualities. It turned out that on the paternal side in his family, all the men were the elders of the tribe, and on the maternal side, they were real kings.

After some time, Jago-Max had a sister – Zara.

At the moment, Natalia maintains a personal blog on Instagram. She shares her life with subscribers, and also tells how she decided to move, how she accepted the traditions of an exotic country, the peculiarities of life in Nigeria, as well as her problems and adventures.

This brilliant couple is watched by many people. A beautiful and harmonious family revels in its positive. Babies are just amazing!

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