Illuminated inflatable sculptures in a whimsical wonderland by ENESS

Melbourne-based studio ENESS creates stunning worlds of whimsical creatures and puffy, light-up sculptures that seem to rise from the ground.

Combined with soundscapes and interactive elements such as water splashes and digital eyes, these air-filled sculptures create a magical land of light and color that bathes visitors in the kaleidoscopic glow of LED lights at night. .

ENESS’s “Koi Garden of Cupid” is on view from April 12 to August 21, along with colorful installations by 14 artists, as part of Pop Air, a joint exhibition by Parisian cultural park La Villette and the Balloon Museum. , which covers an area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters of the Grande Halle exhibition center in Paris

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Надувные скульптуры с подсветкой в причудливой стране чудес от ENESS (9 фото + видео)

1. “Cupid’s Koi Garden.” Photo: Ben Weinstein

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2. “Heavenly Castle”. Photo: Gavin Jowitt

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3. “Airship Orchestra”. Photo: Diana Snape

4. “Heavenly Castle”. Photo: Gavin Jowitt

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