The stylist who made gray hair a trend! amazing transformations

Many women are very shy about their gray hair. They try to repaint it, often using very bright colors and when the hair grows back there is a very bright contrast. Stylist Jack Martin suggested to his clients not to hide their gray hair, but rather to highlight it.

It transforms women into a natural look, but dyes gray hair in various ashy shades. This hair does not need to be dyed often, and when it grows back, the hairstyle looks neat.

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Gray hair can be beautiful!

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The stylist does not recommend gray hair for everyone, he compares skin tone and hair color, selects ash shades or recommends other coloring options.

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In his work, the master uses products without formaldehyde.

Such hair looks well groomed, alive, it is less likely to paint.

The master can create such an image for up to 10 hours!

Women are delighted with his work and clients naturally come to him, even from other countries.

It’s a real metamorphosis. First of all, women accept each other!

It’s not old age – it’s style!

How do you work?

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