Twenty years ago, a girl from Belarus married an African and left for Nigeria. What do the children of this couple look like?

The Izeala family live in Nigeria, they are raising four children and are an example of how love, mutual understanding and support helps overcome all difficulties in life.

Today on we are going to tell you the story of an ordinary girl from Belarus who married an African man and for 20 years they have been living in perfect harmony.

Now Lena and Don are successful people, they live in abundance and have a good stable income. Everyone has their own car, and their children receive a quality education. And when the girl got married, she did not plan to live in Africa at all.

Don successfully completed his master’s degree in Belarus and already had his own business. The couple’s eldest daughter was born in Minsk, but unfortunately at that time problems began with the business. The couple decides to settle in their husband’s homeland to try to earn money there. They sold all of their assets and transferred the proceeds to Don’s parents to invest in a new business and environment for their family. But in fact, it turned out that the money had been unsuccessfully invested.

Elena remembers with horror her very first trip with a baby to her husband’s homeland. And then a beggar’s life awaited her on a huge estate, and she had to move to a new place and learn to live there with her little daughter.

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She is a certified English teacher and had to learn how to cook over a campfire, do laundry by hand and deal with local illnesses. Relatives of the husband did not think that this fragile girl could cope and quietly looked for a local wife for him. But Don didn’t want to hear about it and was trying in every way to find a way to earn an extra penny in order to provide his family with a normal future.

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Later, Elena gave birth to 3 more daughters, although each time she flew to Minsk to give birth. Her parents urged her to stay there, but she had already made her choice and always came back to her husband.

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After difficulties and a long adaptation to a foreign country, culture and mentality, Elena nevertheless found her place in Africa. Now she maintains her blog on social networks, where she talks about the peculiarities of African life and develops her own online business selling essential oils. And Don has a business.

In addition, the woman opened a ballet school here and teaches choreography to local children. The family visits relatives in Belarus for the winter holidays. And the daughters of Elena and Don are fluent in English and Russian.

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