A caring dad built a treehouse for his daughters. It turned out fabulous!

Joe Ruckley lives in the English town of Watford, more recently he made a real surprise for his little girls – he built a tree house,

although it is not a house, but a whole house!

The first planks were laid on April 1.

The father decided that due to the current situation in the world, his daughters would be very bored at home, so he built a playhouse.

The design itself turned out to be very functional and beautiful.

Joe said he spent around £120 on his idea. The very first thing he did was look for free stuff.

We’ve managed to take a lot of it from construction sites, find it in our yard, or from good neighbours.

Here’s the result.

The girl is delighted! She called this place a paradise you don’t even want to leave.

How do you like this place to play?

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