A caring dad built a treehouse for his daughters. It turned out fabulous!

Joe Ruckley lives in the English town of Watford, more recently he made a real surprise for his little girls – he built a tree house,

although it is not a house, but a whole house!

The first planks were laid on April 1.

> >

The father decided that due to the current situation in the world, his daughters would be very bored at home, so he built a playhouse.

> >

The design itself turned out to be very functional and beautiful.

> >

Joe said he spent around £120 on his idea. The very first thing he did was look for free stuff.

We’ve managed to take a lot of it from construction sites, find it in our yard, or from good neighbours.

Here’s the result.

The girl is delighted! She called this place a paradise you don’t even want to leave.

How do you like this place to play?

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