Japanese foam houses, what is this miracle of technology?

Buying a house is a very important step in the life of every person, and it is also very expensive. Unfortunately, not everyone can financially afford to invest a large sum of money in such a purchase.

But the Japanese are a very enterprising people who knew how to find a way out of this situation and came up with foam houses.

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The world does not stand still, and neither does technological progress.

Previously, plastic windows also caused people’s mistrust, and now the Japanese company Japan Dome is already creating houses from foam, or rather, from extruded polystyrene foam with a density of 30 kg / m3.

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Typically, these materials are used for wall insulation, but the Japanese thought they could go further and take advantage of them.

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A foam house is a dome that can be easily and quickly assembled from ready-made modules, door and window blocks like a children’s designer. The walls are then treated with polyurethane foam resin and paint to protect the house from erosion, sun and humidity.

As for the foundation, everything is very simple here too – the house is placed on a round concrete foundation or on piles – a special round sealing ring is provided for this.

The most interesting thing is that such houses can be placed on the most rugged terrain and even in the mountains. By the way, the company will even create colonies of mountain chalets. Complete assembly by professional workers only takes two hours.

As manufacturers assure, such houses are no worse than ordinary standard houses. With a wall thickness of 190mm, they can easily withstand gusts of wind, rain and snowstorms. They also retain heat well and are soundproof. And for a standard house with a diameter of 7-8 meters and a ceiling height of 4 meters, you will only have to pay 3.5 thousand dollars. Agree – it is much cheaper than building a regular cottage!

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