The woman is tired of walking with hair like a poodle. A new haircut and hair color erased 10 years from her face!

Gray hair always gives women some discomfort, and if it also curls up, that’s another problem, because it gets confused all the time. And so the fair sex wants to always be beautiful and have a well-groomed appearance.

Of course, it is not so easy to choose a haircut for curly hair, it bounces and sticks out in different directions, and sometimes it even looks like a big mop. Not all owners of this type of hair have enough experience and patience, so most often they prefer to cut their hair short. But curly hair has its advantages: it always retains volume, even in humid weather. But still, it is better to turn to professionals for care, they will certainly select the right haircut and tell you how to best care for it.

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So, a woman with curly hair turned to a stylist. It should be noted that such a length of hair does not suit her at all, and the hair itself looks like a washcloth, it is dry and even sticks out in different directions.

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The stylist chose the right tone of paint for her, they discussed the hairstyle, and the master got to work.

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The choice fell on a shortened length that does not touch the shoulders, with a beautiful ash tint.

The hair was blown out with a hair dryer using a comb. And the bangs have been laid to the side, thus giving zest to the new hairstyle.

The result is awesome! The woman looks 10 years younger than before visiting the salon. The hair changed and became smooth and shiny.

The woman also received appropriate and unobtrusive make-up, which emphasized her natural beauty and hid age-related changes. The ash color looks noble and elegant.

And how do you like this transformation, dear readers? Like? Share your impressions in the comments.

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