You’ll be surprised when you find out what this boy spent his pocket money on…

A boy with a huge and very kind heart lives in the Philippines, his name is Ken Amante. He loves animals very much and his soul is torn when he meets a stray cat or dog, he always tries to help them.

Like all teenagers, a boy, parents give pocket money every day for snacks or entertainment. But Ken spent them on other purposes, and to feed stray animals. He never told anyone about it. But the whole secret becomes clear one day. The boy’s father began to suspect that the money in his son’s pocket was not being used for the intended purpose and began to follow him. When he found out the truth, he was very surprised.

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First Ken went to the store and bought a backpack full of food, then he went to feed the animals. The dogs that the boy was feeding looked very bad, they were skinny and shabby. It was a mother with two puppies, the boy even came up with names for them. They gladly ate the offered food.

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This whole story touched Ken’s father a lot, he took several photos of what was happening and then posted them on social networks. Users were touched by the boy’s kindness and people started donating money so Ken could buy more animal food.

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After a while, enough money was accumulated for Ken to realize his dream – he opened a shelter for stray animals. It was the very first refuge in their region. By the way, this event happened about 5 years ago and the shelter is still working. Donations from caring people are coming in even now, it helps to fully feed the pets. Ken’s parents are also involved in nursery activities, they rented a large plot where he is now.

Not only dogs, but also cats live in the shelter. By the way, the same mother with two puppies were the first tenants, they were cared for, fed, and they have already found a new home.

Over the past five years, around 100 animals have been rescued at the shelter. Ken dreams that in the future he will open more shelters to save all the animals.

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