27 thousand coins under your feet. A man made an unusual floor in his house

Repair is not a grateful task, and when the repair is carried out by a husband and wife, write unnecessarily … Choosing the color of wallpaper, doors, windows is a very nervous and tiring task. Without forgetting the leveling of the floors and the choice of the floor covering.

But the 36-year-old Englishman, Matt Giles, has managed to turn this activity into an interesting hobby. He made a floor with 27,000 coins!

Matt Giles says the idea of ​​such sex, him and his wife, came about completely by accident. They searched all over the internet for options and came across original author coin products. The couple goes around to all the local banks to exchange notes for coins. £270 became 27,000 cents.

All parts were attached with silicone, this family was helped by their friends.

The work was very meticulous and lasted six whole weeks.

After the parts were laid out, they were filled with the necessary solution to fill the gaps. After that, the floor was filled with epoxy resin, spread over the entire surface and left to dry for two days. This clear coat made the floor shiny.

How do you like this decision?

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