Did Jennifer Lopez cut her beautiful hair?

Popular singer and actress Jennifer Lopez again managed to surprise her fans.

J. Lo performed for Allure magazine, this issue was dedicated to the publication’s 30th anniversary, in the photos fans saw their idol in a brand new image – with a short “boy fetus” haircut, the singer posted several of these photos on his Instagram page.

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Fans are delighted with the new image of the star, because Jennifer has such a hairstyle for the first time in many years.

“The goal is to create something new and have fun, and share it all with the world – both to amuse and inspire people around. Whoever does this breaks boundaries and shatters stereotypes time and time again and always looks amazing,” the artist commented.

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“We are celebrating our 30th birthday, and we are doing it with none other than J. Lo”, writes the magazine on the social network. “Being a lion in the pop culture food chain is a hallmark of Lopez. But she’s no longer who she was in the 1990s. Like any of us. We have changed. The world has changed. In the case of Lopez, the difference is that she helped change it!”

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Lopez says that when her career was just beginning, certain standards ruled the world — girls should be thin, thin, and thin, but she wasn’t. And yet, she continued to do what she loved and show the world for who she is! And what do you think? It was thanks to J. Lo that the fashion world began to change, there were no more standards, the models could be with different types of silhouette, skin color, hair, etc…

Beautiful girl!

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