Incredibly beautiful photos of frozen Lake Baikal by Moscow photographer Kristina Makeeva

Kristina Makeeva is a Moscow-based photographer who spent three days on the oldest, deepest and cleanest Lake Baikal. This place of incredible beauty delights the girl with its majesty and fabulousness.

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She couldn’t describe everything she saw in words, but she did it perfectly with the help of photography.

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Some facts about Lake Baikal.

Its length is about 600 kilometers, and the thickness of the ice is 1.5-2 meters. This ice can easily hold a car weighing up to 15 tons, but you can also see broken down cars.

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Because water freezes layer by layer, ice has many patterns.

Surprisingly, the ice of Lake Baikal is the most transparent in the world. Through it you can see everything at the bottom: fish, green stones, various plants and the blue abyss.

The most interesting thing is that some objects can be seen at a depth of 40 meters.

There are places where the ice is slippery, like a mirror. There you can take perfect highlights. Many tourists travel on roller skates, bicycles or sleds.

Some travel several hundred kilometers and sleep in tents on the ice. Wonderful place. Very moving.

For several consecutive years, Christina has visited this lake to capture its boundless beauty.

The photographer calls Baikal a “place of power” that recharges it with energy at any time of the year.

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