“Mr. Mushroom”: a mushroom weighing more than 1 kg grew in Irkutsk and a very tasty dish was prepared from it

But as the farm workers themselves say, it didn’t grow so big by accident, they grew it – they “tested the compost”. Once the mushroom was cut, they didn’t give it to the museum, much less throw it away, but made pizza out of it.

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To understand the magnitude of the mushroom cap, it was photographed with a matchbox.

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Mr. Mushroom was even posted on the social network and he became quite popular there.

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On the farm, they thought for a long time about what to cook from it.

“What would be so interesting to cook? asked the company’s representatives in his Instagram. There were lots of options: stuff, bake or make a big pie.

As a result, Mr. Mushroom has become a delicious and fragrant pizza.


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