Pensioner from Pskov cuts incredibly delicate paintings from paper

Viktor Yakovlevich Kushnarenko is an ordinary pensioner who lives in the city of Pskov. He loves outdoor walks, fishing, and in his free time he cuts out incredibly beautiful pictures on paper. It is such a piece of jewelry and impeccable workmanship that it is hard to believe it was made by a human hand.

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To create such an image, Viktor Yakovlevich takes about 8-80 hours, but this is not surprising, since each drawing contains many small, subtle details.

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Viktor Yakovlevich cuts all his paintings by hand, using a cutter. He very skillfully highlights every brick, every branch, even the thinnest, and it seems a miracle that he succeeds, he does not touch anything superfluous.

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It’s such meticulous work, that’s where it really takes a lot of patience.

Viktor Yakovlevich has his own page on social networks, where he shares his masterpieces, and he already has more than 1.5 thousand fans and connoisseurs of his art.

Look at these photos, well, how is it possible to cut it? !

Skillful fingers!

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