Quirky photo shoot: Angelina Jolie poses with a swarm of bees to draw attention to the problem of their disappearance

Popular Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has long been engaged in charity work in various fields and recently took part in another interesting social project. The actress played with a swarm of bees that just crawled over her body.

May 20 was World Bee Day, and in honor of the holiday, a photo shoot was held for National Geographic magazine, which was hosted by photographer Dan Winters. He was inspired by Richard Avedon who, in 1981, shot a beekeeper shirtless and completely covered in these insects.

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Angelina actively participates in the implementation of the program, which was developed by UNESCO in collaboration with the Guerlain brand. As part of the project, it is planned to organize about 2.5 thousand new hives around the world. And by 2025, if the initiative is sustained, the number of pollinating insects is expected to increase by 125 million.

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In fact, the issue of the disappearance of bees is very relevant, but for some reason it is not paid as much attention as other world events. Therefore, the Hollywood actress decided to point out to the public that insects, which are pollinators of plants and play an important role in the ecosystem, are indeed on the verge of extinction.

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To make this shoot as safe as possible, all participants complied with all conditions, there was dim lighting in the studio, there was absolute silence, the workers hardly moved, and if necessary , these movements were very smooth.

Jolie was dressed in a light dress with open shoulders, by the way, only she was the only one who was not protected. To make the bees move in a certain way, special pheromones were applied to the skin. Angelina didn’t shower for days and didn’t wear perfume to prevent the bees from being irritated by strong smells.

The Hollywood star remained almost motionless for 18 minutes. All the while, bees were crawling on it. To prevent them from entering the ears and nose, these parts have been plugged. But an insect was constantly under the hem of the knee, which caused me discomfort and made me nervous.

But, despite everything, Jolie did a good job! Could you do it?

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