Sculptures that are about to come to life: incredible creations in wood. It’s hard to believe!

In 1969, the talented sculptor Peter Demetz was born in the city of Bolzano (Italy). A few years later the family moved to live in Ortesei.

Already in 1993, Peter received a degree “maestro scultore” at the university, where he studied sculpture. And a year later, at an exhibition in Milan, the world could see his masterpieces.

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Since then, the man has become famous. He began to be invited to exhibitions in different countries, and not only to exhibitions, but also as a professor of sculpture in higher educational institutions.

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But it turned out that Peter did not seek fame at all, he accepted only a few exhibitions and remained teaching in his hometown of Ortesei, at the Selva Gardena art school.

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Ten years had passed when the man still managed to be persuaded to become the head teacher of the woodcarving course at the Faculty of Applied Arts at the University of West Saxon in Zwickau.

His work is so unique that it’s hard to believe it’s made entirely of wood. They are both complex and realistic, and at the same time very detailed…

From a distance, it may seem like they are real people!

It’s incredible!

Just look at these details: not a single wrinkle on the clothes is missed, how realistic the hair, arms, legs are…

And the water…

These people are really standing up and talking.

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