The girl just salvaged old boards from a landfill and created a real masterpiece. Now she earns so much!

Recently, netizens were shocked by the story of a simple girl who turned her hobby into income. The girl wanted to put her hobby to work for a long time. For a long time she collected ordinary old boards from a landfill, from which she learned to create real masterpieces, and thanks to her blog, the whole world heard about her.

Today, his works sell for a very high price, thanks to his determination, perseverance, hard work and resourcefulness. She was able to realize her talent and became very popular.

Her work is the epitome of style and beauty. A beautiful combination of different types of wood, beautiful colors and textures – amazing work. She creates a real mosaic of wood.

It all started with a childhood dream – a New York Pratt Institute graduate wanted to create a wooden treehouse. She picked up a lot of boards from the dumps, but winter came and all the materials were in the shed. Out of boredom, she began to assemble a mosaic from broken boards. Then I got so carried away that I made the original counter. She was inspired by the ornamentation of patchwork blankets, using the patchwork technique.

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She took boards, sanded them, carved pieces of wood, created mosaics. Over time, she got better and better. Then she decides to create another frame using this technique, then another board for the kitchen and falls in love with this activity.

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Patchwork is a textile patchwork or mosaic. The wooden mosaic in this style looks very beautiful, spectacular and stylish. His work is amazing!

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After posting photos of his work, orders immediately popped up. This is how his hobby turned into a successful business. The largest number of orders from the craftswoman for the manufacture of unique counters. The girl now creates new patterns and wood combinations herself. She herself selects different types of wood in various shades.

This table was commissioned by a well-known designer shoe brand, and now it sits in their company store.

Wood mosaic is a distinct art form. A meticulous and precise work that keeps the warmth of human hands. These are quality products that will last you a long time!

Such elegant things are suitable for home, office, store decoration.

This headboard is also the work of a craftswoman.

Stylish board!

Each work carries the warmth of the soul of the craftswoman. She tries to create unique things that delight and surprise.

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