This little girl just ‘teared up’ the room with the incendiary song ‘Goomba Boomba’. The judges were shocked!

The popular show “Voice of Children” has opened and continues to open many talented children for us. And this time is no exception.

A little star named Taisiya Skomorokhova came to the audition.

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A very atypical song by a Peruvian singer, “Goomba Boomba”, which translates to “Oh, what a beauty”, was chosen for the performance.

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The girl executed it so artistically. She conveyed all the emotions and energy, the audience in the hall also could not remain indifferent.

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And how shocked the judges of this talent show were! All three turned around and everyone was delighted. Then the young star sang a song with Polina Gagarina.

But still, words won’t be enough to describe this performance, better see for yourself. Even through the video, you can be infected with the vital, positive energy of this budding little singer.

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