Unusual hotel in Austria where there are no straight lines and where you can easily get lost

This hotel is called Rogner Bad Blumau and is considered one of the main tourist attractions in the world. Accommodation here in the most basic hotel room will set you back around $300 per night, but it is well worth it.

Once, many years ago, this territory was of interest to oil producers, who could not get anything from under the hills, the roof of a hot stream, and left these places.

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But this stream of boiling water, beating under a depth of 3000 meters, did not bother Robert Rogner, who decided to build a resort hotel here, which later became a favorite place for tourists thanks to the water with healing properties.

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Thanks to the efforts of Robert and the architect in the name of the complex Friedensreich Hundertwasser, a hotel complex has been created that resembles the world of fairy tale hobbits from Tolkien’s stories.

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The inspiration for this unique project was nature itself, devoid of perfectly straight lines. So in the hotel rooms you can see the curved floors. Moreover, everything outside and inside the building has a strange shape, and the walls are decorated with unusual paintings. There are signs on the territory of the hotel so as not to get lost in the endless holes and corridors. Such decoration can cause madness.

It resembles the main pool, which is located outdoors.

There are a lot of bacteria in its water, and you can even drink it directly from the pool or from the special massage pipes that supply hot water to the pond.

There are also fountains and small pools for those who prefer to retreat from prying eyes, as well as a real river that runs through the hotel zone. The hot water from the mine always enters the river, so even in winter you can see goldfish there. By the way, fishing is prohibited here.

The Rogner Bad Blumau resort is a paradise on the planet, where you should go at least once, especially in the hot season of the year.

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