What the wonderful actor Adriano Celentano looks like at 83

Adriano Celentano is a popular Italian actor, singer, showman and just an audience favorite. “The man on springs”, a native of the people, who today has great authority among fans. It’s hard to believe he just turned 83.

Currently, Adriano Celentano leads a reclusive life with his wife in his villa near Milan and, for his own pleasure, repairs watches. Adriano rarely appears in public, preferring the company of his relatives and loved ones.

However, the paparazzi sometimes manage to watch the famous performer and actor leaving the house. “Aged”, “Stars are people too”, “And, in my opinion, for his age he looks great”, “Adriano, wait. How wonderful you are”, “Health to you, maestro”, “Favorite actor”, “Time is merciless”, wrote the Internet users. What are you saying, dear readers?

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