A Couple Bought An Old School Bus And Turned It Into A Stunning Home

Chase Greene, 28, and Mariajos Trejo, 25, became popular after posting photos of their home. The couple sold their house and quit their jobs to travel.

They bought the old bus and turned it into a house in 4 months! It took around $16,000 to complete.

The house has everything you need for a comfortable life, even a king-size bed, a bathroom with a shower. Solar panels provide electricity to the house and there is a special 100 gallon water tank for water.

The house has a cozy dining room, where it is convenient to work and relax.

Along with the couple, their two dogs live in the house.

The bedroom has a place to work.

The living room is comfortable and spacious.

Now they can travel with the whole family

They even equipped the house with a wood stove and hammocks on the roof.

“We lived in a big house with an area of ​​2000 m². feet, and we had rooms that we didn’t even use. Mortgages and expensive utility bills are a waste.

Chase, from Knoxville, and Mariajosé from Merida, Venezuela, they always dreamed of traveling and now their dream has come true.

They travel the country comfortably.

Now the couple has a lot of bright images and impressions.

The couple work remotely and this allows them to travel across the country.

The couple don’t just sit and work, Mariahose as Chanel’s makeup artist and Chase as a web and graphic designer.

They drove their home from Wisconsin to Arizona, from Puerto Rico to Tennessee.
They tell their adventures in a personal microblog.

The couple leads a colorful life and is very happy to have exchanged a huge house for freedom.

Maybe in the future they will settle down and buy a small house for the family.

How do you like their house?

The sofas in the living room convert into an extra bed.

In the future, the couple plans to buy land and build a small house. But travel will always be part of their lives.

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