The girl built a house from containers and it turned out amazing!

Claudie Dubroy from Canada designed and built the house herself from shipping containers.

The cost of a container is 3,000 euros. The woman bought 4 containers and built a huge house!

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Claudie Dubroy works as a general contractor. His company builds wooden townhouses and condominiums. But she wanted to create a house according to a personal project.

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She left some rooms without interior decoration, leaving the metal surface as wall decoration. In combination with wood, it turned out very stylish and unusual. The house was isolated from the outside. The house keeps perfectly warm in winter and cool in summer.

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The style turned out to be modern and bright, but most importantly, it is cozy and comfortable.

In the basement, the woman has set up an office and utility rooms.

On the ground floor there is a hall, a small living room and a cozy kitchen.

On the first floor there was a place for a dining room.

There is also a guest bathroom on the ground floor.

On the second floor there is a bedroom and an open bathroom. You can take a bath and watch the forest…

The balcony is equipped with a place for a summer shower. You can sunbathe or have a cup of coffee. Everything is practical and beautiful.

How do you like this house?

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