A man has bought a house and discovered that there is a trapdoor on the porch floor that leads to a network of underground caves.

The man bought a house on the edge of the forest for very little money for the area. The seller seemed to be trying to close the deal faster, although there was no apparent reason for this. It wasn’t until the second week that Ronald discovered a strange trapdoor on the porch floor. He opened it and saw that the steps led to a whole network of underground caves, moreover, equipped with light.

The house was sold with land. It is located just above Bear Creek, a rather deserted, but scenic location. Four bedrooms, stone fireplace, with a magnificent view from the back patio. Such a property in all respects should cost more than a million dollars, but Ronald managed to close the deal for only 800 thousand.

For several days, the man did not find any inconvenience and was just happy with a bargain. A trap door in the floor of the veranda changed everything: Ronald thought the descent led to an ordinary basement, but he discovered a huge network of caves.

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It’s a total surprise. The first cave is equipped with lamps and wooden floors. It was obviously used for something, but who would even think of living underground? Ronald told reporters.

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The network of caves goes further, but so far man has not dared to explore them. He suggests that the caverns are connected in a great underground labyrinth.

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Now Ronald must decide whether or not he should leave the house. Now the man tries to find out who and why equipped the underground room.

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