They built their dream house with their own hands. Forget mortgages

Anyone who dreams of owning a home knows that the cost of buying or building their own home is prohibitive! But there are people who think creatively, use new technologies and the experience of other innovators. Abroad, they have long learned to save on the construction of houses.

People use shipping containers, from which they model various variations of the house. They are isolated and placed even in multi-level structures. Such a house comes out cheaper, simpler and more comfortable. It’s warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and the possibilities for creating interior space are limitless!

Now it is very possible and economical to build such houses. Due to the versatility of the material, any design can be constructed. The photo shows an example of such a house. It is built from only 3 containers. It is an environmentally friendly and safe material, it is durable and wear-resistant, and most importantly, it can be disassembled and transported!

This project has a photovoltaic system that collects rainwater. Living in a standard apartment, people consume 100% electricity, in such housing only about 30%. Substantial savings, right? In the photo, the house is in a minimalist style, the white walls make the house look even bigger and brighter, thanks to the correctly positioned windows, the house is full of light.

The first floor is occupied by the kitchen and the dining room, and on the second floor by the bedrooms.

Only three shipping containers have created such a large and bright house. The house has zoning, but the space is connected into a single whole. There are 4 large bedrooms of around 15 m2 each.

Design and design can be anything. You can make woodwork, taking into account new trends, you can make the division of rooms with doors, containers allow you to experiment with space.

A large window can provide good lighting for a home of this design. The containers are externally sheathed with a wooden frame. The decoration uses environmentally friendly materials.

Such a house is stable even during seismic activity. It is safe, convenient and functional. Dream!

And here are other models of similar houses.

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