Beautiful-eyed brother and sister became network stars

Thanks to social networks, people have the opportunity to demonstrate their unique appearance and even build a modeling career using natural features. Sometimes it also happens with children. discovered the brother and sister, whose Instagram has already gained more than 74,000 followers.

When you look at Aria and Luke, you might think they’re twins. But in fact, the babies were born a year apart, little Aria is older than her baby brother by 14 months.

The children were very young when their mother, Sheena Walters, realized how much attention and compliments her little ones were getting. All because their blue eyes look very unusual.

The fact is that both children are very similar to their mother with pronounced African roots, so this shade of iris looks incredibly unexpected, original. Interestingly, the parents’ eyes are a different color. It’s the wonders of geneticsAria and Luke’s unique appearance is loved not only by city dwellers, but also by photographers and model scouts.

This is why children are already participating in fashion shoots. It is assumed that as they get older, they will continue their modeling careers. Children are also filmed in commercials, for example for children’s articles.

To further develop Aria and Luke’s media presence, their mother opened a TikTok account. In total, the kids already have more than 470,000 followers across all platforms. And the family recently launched their own YouTube channel, so the following is only set to grow.

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