A young woman with a poor enunciation deeply affects everyone in the room

An unusual girl performed at a music competition in the USA. The talent show participant, after her stage debut, admitted that she has a speech impediment, due to which she faced many obstacles in life. However, once she started performing, there were no signs of speech delay.

The girl’s name is Amanda Mammana, she’s from Kentucky. Amanda impressed the judges with her singing skills. The singer-songwriter performed her touching original song and moved the judges to tears as she sang about the struggle she had to face.

The girl describes herself as “a multi-talented freedom-loving person.” Amanda was only 10 years old when she developed a speech impediment. Her outgoing nature suffered severely after her dia gnosis.

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She had to deal with bouts of insecurity, but she eventually found solace in picking up the guitar and pursuing music, which became her “special world”. The contestant practiced until she could sing and play the guitar at the same time, and soon realized she didn’t stutter when she sang.

Amanda joined her school’s music group in 7th grade and began singing in the church choir a year later. Singing and giving her voice to people helped her feel free. However, with age, Amanda continued to struggle with self-doubt. She was shy of her speech and could not express her feelings.

Amanda’s performance left a great impression on the judges and the audience. They noted that the girl was gifted with musical and creative talent. Participation in the competition was a big step forward for her and gave her more strength and self-confidence.

Amanda is a talented young composer who has remained in the shadows for many years. Now she has an incentive and inspiration to create further.


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