The girl has not cut her hair for 15 years. Here is the result

The hair of a girl or woman is one of the main attributes of her beauty. This is a woman’s dignity, some kind of magic and the secret of magic are hidden in them.

They reflect the inner world, by the hair you can find out the character of a person and even his future.

Hair must be carefully looked after, then it will be beautiful and filled with strength.

35-летняя японская Рапунцель Рин Камбе

Hair is often associated with space. It is believed that long hair has a lot of cosmic energy and strength.

Various legends say that if a woman cuts her long hair, she loses her strength. Very often, girls were not allowed to cut their hair long, they were braided before marriage.

Braids are necessary to preserve human health, they develop him spiritually. What a beautiful woman with well-groomed hair! They make her happy, proud, even independent.

35-летняя японская Рапунцель Рин Камбе

Japanese dancer and model Rin Kambe has grown the longest hair in the country. Since childhood, the girl dreamed of long hair.

But due to the fact that she was engaged in a sports team, she wore only a short haircut. Growing up, Rin became interested in dancing and decided to finally grow her hair.

35-летняя японская Рапунцель Рин Камбе

For fifteen years she did not cut her hair and they reached a record length. It is very difficult to care for such hair, but despite this,

Rin is proud of his hairstyle and is going to continue to grow it. In addition to dancing, the girl is also a model. Her long hair helps stylists create different unusual images for photo shoots.

35-летняя японская Рапунцель Рин Камбе

According to the Japanese woman, her hair often gives her inconvenience in everyday life, they must be combed and braided.

However, Rin is not difficult to do. She loves and is proud of her hair.

She was repeatedly offered to cut and sell her hair for natural wigs, but for no amount of money the girl would not agree to part with her hair

35-летняя японская Рапунцель Рин Камбе

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