4 year old slays graduation performance

Kids are unique in their manner of singing. They don’t know how to hide their emotions. This little charmer named Sophia is simply hypnotised with her performance. Instead of just opening her mouth, while making unaccountable sounds, she gives herself to the process with all her feelings.

The mother of the future artist filmed the concert on video to capture her daughter’s bright and emotional performance. The kids on the left and right sing, opening their mouths a little, but Sophia stands out from the crowd with her expressed, memorable behavior on stage.

The video won many souls. Choir is an operatic number for a choral ensemble (often mixed, sometimes male, female or kids). Usually depicts the presence of a “collective character”, a group of witnesses or confederate or a crowd of people.

Occasionally it is used as an impersonal commentary or as a technique for creating a “liturgical” color. This is now a choir artist – a completely respected and professional staff unit. Well, maybe not the most highly paid, but certainly living the same creative life with the opera house.

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