From forest house to snow hut: 3 of the most unusual hotels in the world

Modern architectural projects impress with their unusual design and shapes. In particular, consumer demand is increasing for extraordinary wild-built hotels and guesthouses in the form of chalets or cabins. Let’s take a look at some notable hotels. In Chinese forests, hotel rooms have been built in the shape of mushrooms.

The peculiarity of the hotel is that they did not clear a special place for hotel rooms, but adapted the hotel to natural conditions. The rooms are made in the form of houses that look like mushrooms. The developers have tried to bring the hotel as close as possible to natural conditions so that visitors can fully enjoy the local landscape and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Another notable hotel is the snow houses in northern Japan. The hotel is located in a Japanese national park established in 1934. The territory of the park includes the highest plateaus.

For 450 years in Yokota City, people have built hundreds of Kamakura snow houses year after year in winter. In mid-February, everyone can touch the ancestral tradition of the inhabitants of the district and admire the fabulous evening lights of the city. Kamakura offers people a great opportunity to get to know each other and make friends, enjoying a chilly evening over hot treats.


Apart from eco-friendly hotels built in nature, developers are also trying to come up with extraordinary designs and buildings in big cities. A lantern-shaped hotel has been built in London.

The multi-storey building is masonry lined with metal pipes. At first glance, a rather simple design, which nevertheless gives the building an unusual appearance. It’s all about smart lighting, which makes the building look like a huge lantern


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